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Welcome! Time Keeper is the premier horological workshop located in Lehi, Utah, USA. We specialize in luxury timepiece repair, restoration, and servicing. Our skilled watchmakers handle complex mechanical timepieces, modular chronographs, and vintage electronic watches with ease. As the only shop in America offering professional 100% in-house repair and restoration services for the iconic Pulsar LED vintage digital timepieces, we take pride in our ability to preserve an important piece of watchmaking history. Trust Time Keeper with your all your watch repair needs, and receive unparalleled service and expertise from our experienced watchmakers.

In the world of horology, there are few timepieces as iconic and influential as the Pulsar Time Computer LED watch. Introduced in the early 1970s, these watches were among the first digital timepieces available to the public and were celebrated for their cutting-edge technology and sleek, futuristic design. At the time of their release, the Pulsar Time Computer LED watches were considered some of the most advanced timepieces available and they revolutionized the way people thought about timekeeping.

The Pulsar Time Computer LED watches were the first to use LED (light-emitting diode) technology to display the time, which was a groundbreaking development in the watch industry. Prior to this, most watches used mechanical movements to keep time, and digital watches were still in their infancy. The Pulsar Time Computer LED watches were also incredibly accurate. They used a quartz crystal oscillator to keep time, which was far more precise than the mechanical movements used in most watches at the time. This made them incredibly popular among people who needed a highly accurate timepiece for work or other activities.

The Pulsar Time Computer was an immediate success, and it quickly became a status symbol. The watch was worn by celebrities, politicians, and businesspeople, and it was featured in movies and TV shows. In many ways, the Pulsar Time Computer was a symbol of the 1970s and the technological advances of the time. Today, these vintage watches are seen as significant artifacts of horological history and are appreciated for their groundbreaking technology and stylish design. In fact, the influence of the Pulsar Time Computer LED watches can still be seen in modern watches today. Many digital watches still use LCD technology to display the time, and quartz movements are still widely used for their accuracy and reliability.

Currently, vintage Pulsar Time Computer LED watches remain highly sought after by collectors and watch enthusiasts. These awesome and iconic watches are a testament to the innovative spirit of the 1970s, and to the power of technology to transform the way we tell time. They are also a reminder of the ongoing evolution of horology, and the ways in which new technologies continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of timekeeping. Watch collectors value these watches for their historical significance and innovative design. The Pulsar Time Computer LED watches paved the way for the modern digital watch, and it remains a significant piece of horological history.

Vintage Pulsar Time Computer LED watches will remain significant in the world of horology, both for their historical importance and for their continued relevance as collectible and wearable timepieces. Aside from its historical significance, the LED watch is a beautiful and functional timepiece that can add a unique touch to any watch collection. Its bold digital display and sleek design make it a statement piece that is sure to turn heads.

At Time Keeper, we are passionate about all watches and take pride in our commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. We understand that your timepiece is more than just a watch - it's a statement piece that reflects your style and personality. That's why we offer personalized services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our team of watch experts takes great care to ensure that each timepiece receives the attention and care it deserves. Whether you need a battery replacement, a crystal replacement, or a complete restoration of your favorite vintage LED watch, we have the tools and experience to get the job done right. We understand the intricacies and complexities of each watch we service, and we are committed to providing exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled service. Trust us with your timepiece, and experience the difference that comes with four generations of watchmaking excellence.

Our Simple Process

Complete our online service request form.


Download and fill out our PDF form by hand.

Pack your watch securely and include printed confirmation email (or completed PDF form by hand) with your watch when you send it to us.

If you're sending more than one (1) watch in the same package, please make sure to complete one form per watch and just iclude all completed forms with your watches.
When your watch arrives, we'll process it and confirm all the details in our system. You'll get a notification via email to let you know that we have received your watch.

Next, our master watchmaker will perform a thorough evaluation and diagnosis of your timepiece. A detailed estimate will be sent for your approval via email.
Upon approval of your estimate, we'll get started on your watch and ship it back as soon as it's done. Throughout the repair process, we will reach out to you with progress updates.

In order to start working on your watch, you must submit payment for your repair. We accept all major credit cards, Venmo and PayPal.
What We Do

At Time Keeper, we specialize in repairing and servicing a wide range of watches. Our experienced watchmakers have the expertise and resources to handle everything from simple battery replacements to full restorations. We take pride in offering exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled service to our clients, and we use only the highest quality parts and tools in our repair work.

Our services include the repair and maintenance of a variety of watches, including high-end brands such as Rolex, Omega, and other designer watches. We also service Swiss-made automatic watches, chronograph watches, diver watches, dress watches, and sports watches.

Our team understands the intricacies and complexities of all timepieces including electronic LED digital watches and is committed to providing personalized services that meet the unique needs of each client. We offer a range of services to restore your timepiece to its original condition, including vintage watch cleaning and polishing, watch crown repair and replacement, LED watch battery replacement, and vintage LED watch crystal replacement.

At Time Keeper, we're passionate about vintage LED timepieces and take pride in our commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Whether you're looking to repair a vintage LED watch or service a modern luxury timepiece, we're here to provide you with the highest level of service and expertise. We understand that every watch has a unique story and we are dedicated to preserving the legacy of these treasured timepieces.

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@timekeeperllc Check out this crazy cool Mido Swissonic drivers LED watch with side view display that just came in the mail from California for repair. Thank you Cesar 👉 @back_n_da_day_watches for sending such a rare and collectible vintage LED watch to us.⌚️ . . Time Keeper is an independent workshop specialized in the repair and restoration of luxury timepieces. To have your timepiece serviced, repaired or restored visit our website. • • • • Follow @Timekeeperllc on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & YouTube • • Contact Info Phone: (385) 210-7548 Text: (801) 769-0963 Mexico phone number: +52 55 4169-2321 Email: [email protected] Address: 1881 W Traverse Pkwy Ste. E #231 Lehi, Utah Website: • • • • • #watch #watches #watchesofinstagram #watchoftheday #watchaddict #timepiece #watchfam #horology #instawatch #wristwatch #dailywatch #rolex #watchgeek #watchnerd #womw #wristgame #watchcollector #watchanish #watchmania #luxurywatch #wristshot #swissmade #wotd #watchlover #watchrepair #mido #swissonic #vintageledwatch #ledwatch #watchesoftiktok #tiktokwatches ♬ original sound - timekeeperllc

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